Who Are We?

The M Secure Foundation strives to contribute towards creating a safer, more sustainable society for impoverished communities and generally support community upliftment projects through the focus on youth, leadership development, arts and culture and education.

The M Secure Foundation was founded in 2011 by M Secure, a provider of risk management solutions in South Africa, offering integrated services that include; the M Secure Smart Centre, M Secure Security, M Secure Technology, M Secure Cleaning, M Secure Fencing, and a unique Fleet Management Programme through its subsidiary, accredited installer of C-track in the Eastern Cape AW Consulting.

Our Philosophy

Collaboration is essential in addressing chronic social challenges. We firmly believe that education is one of the key elements to driving effective social change.

We believe that our communities need bolder and committed approaches to social change and development. We are dedicated to contributing towards finding new, innovative ways and ideas in tackling the various social ills and challenges. The M Secure Foundation partners with individuals and organisations that share their commitment to engage our communities in creating opportunities to work towards a better life for all.

Our Projects

PALS Schools celebrate International Teachers’ Day
The PALS schools recently celebrated International Teachers’ Day with a highly competitive sports day. Great competitive spirit existed, and all educators had a wonderful bonding...

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PALS Program Westville Secondary
As part of the PALS program, an art competition was run amongst the participating schools. The team from Westville Secondary walked away with the winning...

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PALS program
As part of the PALS program the Wellness and Safety committee, consisting of Educators, Learners, Community members meet regularly to discuss processes and steps to...

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Community Schools Feedback Meeting at Sanctor High School
The principals of the six Principal Action Learning Set project, reported back on progress made against set objectives. They confirmed that the Wellness Component of...

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