What we do?

Our Purpose

The M Secure Foundation seeks to make a positive impact, by providing much-needed support to identified learning institutions. The support will include the introduction of community capacity building programmes as well as arts and culture development programmes. The programmes are to focus on skills development in various areas so as to enhance managerial expertise, project management, career guidance, safety awareness, arts and culture, leadership development, etc.


Characterised by harsh socio-economic conditions, some parts of Nelson Mandela Bay, especially its northern areas, are known hotspots for gang-related activity, high levels of unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse. The M Secure Foundation recognises that schools in these areas are faced with numerous challenges when it comes to creating an environment where quality educating and learning can take place.

Governance and Partnerships

The M Secure Foundation works in partnership with other corporate givers to assist and form partnerships that deepen and expand access to skills development and further education for our youth. The Foundation has formed a partnership with the Theba Trust to develop learner reading skills in schools through the distribution of library books and establishing school libraries where the need arises.

We are governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. Chaired by Achmat Mohamed, other members include; Kaashief Van Niekerk, Roshan Makan and Monique Ragaval. The M Secure Foundation board of trustees represents experienced business, academic and civic leaders, with proven track records of active and impactful involvement in large multinational companies, academic institutions and civil society formations.

The M Secure Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation and all donations are tax deductible which is a benefit to your company and earns credit as contributions to Skills Development and Socio-Economic Development, a benefit under your organisation’s Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Scorecard points.

We encourage collaboration and partnership to strengthen responses to critical upliftment efforts and to increase funding sustainability. The M Secure Foundation also organises and supports corporate events to raise the profile and awareness of the work of the trust and its partners.

“Let’s join our hands to help others”

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